loan deferment requests

If you are struggling to pay any of your loans held by Western Vista, please fill out a Loan Deferment Request Form.

credit card holders

If you have a Western Vista Platinum or Platinum Black credit card and are having trouble paying your bill due to a reduction in hours or layoff as a result of COVID-19, please be advised that you will have the option of skipping a payment due in June or July. Please see your May and/or June statements for details.

Through June 30, you can transfer any balance, from any card, for $0… and enjoy 0% APR for a full 12 months. Offer available to existing members and new card holders. Click here for more information.


Generally there is a federal regulation (Regulation D) that limits the number of transfers that a member can make from a savings account.

On April 24, the Federal Reserve Board announced an interim final rule to amend Regulation D to delete the six-per-month limit on convenient transfers from the “savings deposit” definition. The interim final rule allows depository institutions immediately to suspend enforcement of the six transfer limit to allow their members to make an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from their savings deposits at a time when financial events associated with the coronavirus pandemic have made such access more urgent.

At Western Vista we have turned off the Reg D tracking for the following accounts on a temporary basis: Primary Savings, Horizon Savings, Money Market, Liquid Gold, Secondary Savings, and Rainbow Savings. This change allows a member to transfer an unlimited number of times from these accounts governed by Reg D without placing a restriction or fee ($3.00) after the sixth transfer is made. Additionally, we have decided as an organization to temporarily remove the $3.00 fee that a member is charged for utilizing the automated overdraft transfer within their accounts. This measure is currently in place through October 1, 2020, but is subject to change.

additional resources

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Forward Greater Cheyenne and the City of Cheyenne have partnered to meet the urgent needs of the Cheyenne community via the Greater Cheyenne COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. The Greater Cheyenne Relief Fund will be overseen by a committee that will review applications and award funds to individuals that are in need. Applications will start being accepted on April 13.

The Wyoming Legislative Service Office has provided a COVID-19 State and Federal Resources with links to a variety of services.

Are you wondering what to do if your finances have been impacted by the pandemic? Here is some great information.

What you need to know regarding economic impact payments