It’s easy to become a member of Western Vista Credit Union!

Western Vista is a community-based credit union. As such, if you live, work or worship in the communities we serve, you are eligible to become a member. What’s more, even if you live outside our general service area, you can make a small contribution to our charitable foundation, which then allows you to become a credit union member. Immediate family of an existing member can also become credit union members. Essentially, Western Vista Credit Union can serve the needs of people across the United States! If you have questions about your eligibility, please call 1-800-310-2197 or e-mail

how to join

To become a member at Western Vista Credit Union:

  • Fill out a membership application at your nearest location
  • Make a small deposit ($25) in a primary savings account, which represents your purchase of a share in the credit union. These funds will need to stay in your account at all times — so if your account balance is $50, you’ll really only have $25 available to spend, so keep that in mind as you plan your budget. This is reflected in your “available balance” in online banking.
  • Your initial deposit can be made in a variety of ways:
    – Cash
    – Check
    – A debit card from another financial institution
    – Transfer funds from another account by providing routing and account numbers
  • As with any financial account, you’ll need to provide details about yourself, including:
    – Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
    – Your physical address (you can also provide a separate mailing address for correspondence)
    – Valid identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID
    – A reason why you’re eligible to join the credit union (“I work for XYZ Company” or “my mom is a member here”)
  • If you’re opening a business account, you’ll need additional documentation. Bring your employer identification number (EIN) and any documents showing that your business organization exists (if you’re incorporated in any way). Ask the credit union for full details, and get signatures from all required partners.
Once you’re a member, we encourage you to take advantage of all the services we offer:
  • Set up direct deposit with your employer
  • Use online bill pay to make payments electronically and maintain an electronic record of all transactions
  • Download our app so you can quickly check your balance, make mobile deposits and have an entire suite of banking services wherever you are
  • Set up alerts so that you know about any large withdrawals or low-balance situations